Virtual Reality (VR) has evolved from an entertainment and gaming platform to one that now has serious applications in the world of corporate communication. Healthcare brands, makers of consumer goods and many others are jumping in and seeing positive marketing
results from this exciting medium.

As agencies, production companies and their clients begin to ask questions ahead of their first forays into VR, Monogram would like to share a few tips on turning these questions into creative solutions that make the client’s first taste of VR a good one.

VR does not have to be complicated. A simple 360˚ tour of a factory floor, a medical lab or a tourist attraction can be easily be enhanced with simple or interactive graphics. Education and product-specific marketing can engage the consumer in new ways that create far deeper connections than those forged with traditional media.

While Monogram continues to produce traditional content at all budget levels, we have made significant investments in VR research and development over the last two years. Our latest acquisition is the Nokia OZO 4K Stereoscopic VR camera. We are currently using the OZO to produce a new employee on-boarding experience for a restaurant group. The new hire completes his or her training entirely in virtual reality through interactive instruction and games within a VR replica of the restaurant. It’s a very effective way of on-boarding new employees, and it’s a lot of fun.

A VR production component can affordably be added to a traditional TV production day. Monogram recently added VR while producing a commercial for The Pennsylvania Ballet. By placing our OZO VR camera in the center of the Ballet’s rehearsal space, we were able
to edit and stitch together a 360˚ rendering that puts the viewer directly in the middle of a breathtaking ballet rehearsal.

VR has literally expanded the horizon for visual communication, and it is once again a very exciting time to be working in this business.

Next we’ll attach the OZO to a drone and take VR to the sky! Stay tuned or get in touch for a demo.