The genre of brand films has reached a new level of excellence with the collaboration of Monogram and Creative Director Penny Ashman. The beautifully and intricately animated "Work, Play, Live" is a piece created for Saint-Gobain, a 350-year old French conglomerate that began as the manufacturer of glass for the mirrors at The Palace of Versailles.

Written and directed by Penny Ashman of Felix Design, the short film presents this huge company and its many capabilities metaphorically in the form of the Fibonacci Spiral, a geometric sequence found throughout nature and architecture. The concept illuminates the individual as an integral part of a unifying structure.

“I have admired Penny Ashman’s creative direction for many years, and I knew this was going to be a beautiful piece the moment her storyboards came into the studio” said Rick Angeli, VP of Business Development at Monogram.

Matt Hall, an expert in graphics and animation who recently joined the Monogram Directors' Lounge, was brought in to execute and enhance Ashman’s ideas. Monogram then tapped longtime collaborator Mark Schultz CAS, Partner at Shake Audio Post at MilkBoy, for music, sound design and audio mixing. The result is a short film that shows how this venerable organization’s many parts add up to a company that is deeply integrated with the modern world.

“Monogram is great at bringing the very best talent to each of their productions, and that is exactly what they did for this project. Their studio, their artists and their ability to tap outside talent make them a flexible and powerful resource for a creative director. Knowing that I can seamlessly take an ambitious identity film like this one from a concept to completion at Monogram gives me confidence that we are creating a great product together” said Ashman.